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Forgive me Mana, for I have sinned

I owned a JSK with raschel lace.

Children's Letters to Rorita

Dear The Big Brand in the Sky.

I pray that I can save up some moar monies for some burando (possibly a btssb skirt + bag) and resist the temptation to go back to that shabushabu resturant (delicious meat keeping me out of burnado) and buying moar race and never making anything.

Lol, this community is kinda dead - it needs some more of Meta's Crown Cross print <3

Blah blah blah sin....

Guess whaaaaat....I ran through the muuuuud on Eaaaaaster in my jsk...and loooooooved it.

I climbed trees and played games and froze my lack of boobies off!!!

And I don't caaaaaaaaare!!!

To the assembly of all brand names
manifesting as countless bloomers and Alice bows -
the magical clouds of immaculate, transcendent petticoats
reaching to the farthest expanse of the space of ultimate fantasy -
to you, we offer our prayers with fervent devotion:
That Manalama, protector of the Land of Lace,
live for a hundred aeons. Shower on him your blessings
so that his jumper skirts are fulfilled without hindrance.

Through the blessings of the wondrous Mana and Novala,
by the infallible truth of the laws of bell-shaped skirts,
and by the purity of our Rocking Horse shoes,
may the aims of my prayer be fulfilled without hindrance.

Mar. 21st, 2007

Forgive me NOVALA I have sinned

  • I found my first attempt at lolita from three or so years ago and LULZ

  • I swear and dumpster dive and drive like a crazy person in full lolita

  • I am made of bitchiness


Forgive me for I have...
- Worn white fishnet while in sweet lolita.
- Accidentally ruined the only petticoat I own.
- Spent my money on ren garb rather than lolita.
- Worn sweet lolita when I am obviously a classic lolita.
- Worn a horrible bonnet that didn't fit whatsoever.
- Never owned a Bible.
- No idea how to sew, even though I'd like to.
- Sworn to make my sister's first born (reguardless of gender) a lolita.
- Drank far more BLACK coffee than any form of tea.
- Drank tea from styrofoam cups on a regular basis.
- A habit of swearing like a sailor.
- Done dirty things in lolita.

Seriously though, any sewing tips or anything of the sort would be much appreciated...


i confess this is boring cos everyones just confessing IDENTICAL FUCKING SINS! HAS NO ONE SHAT ON A GRAVE FOR FUCKS SAKE!? KILLED A BABY?

ok, sorry, i just had to get that out of my system. rape my eye sockets if im out of order.
Forgive me Mana for I have sinned.
-I own no Bibles and read all my friends instead
-I was once a weeabo
-I think the lace tights do nothing for your legs and only draw attention to the problem T^T
-I have laughed extensively at the mod of my local lolita chapter unto the point where she put up a locked entry on the com about it . . . and then I made fun of her for that
- I own no bloomers
-I once wore a black lace mini, corset and platform mary janes and called myself lolita when I was in the 8th grade


These are my confessions,
Just when I thought I said all I can say...

Forgive me Mana, for I have sinned:
1) I have overworked the shirring of at least 7 brand dresses and 3 brand blouses. (gluttony)
2) I refuse to buy non-brand dresses or one pieces. (greed, lust)
3) I have taken purposely sneered ita-lolis on camera, without their knowledge. (Is that a sin?) (wrath?)
4) I have worn the laces of two the first time I wore lolita. (???)
5) I think Novala Takemoto looks extremely gay, and not in the acceptable, homosexual sense. (pride?)
6) I am fat, period. (more gluttony)

Deus ex Lolita.

Re-vamping an old Latin phrase - sing it!